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CFFormProtect Issue: CONFIGFILENAME is undefined in CFFP

Name: CONFIGFILENAME is undefined in CFFP
ID: 13
Project: CFFormProtect
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Fixed
Related URL: http://www.jacksontwppolice.org/html/register.cfm
Creator: Mike
Created: 02/02/10 5:45 PM
Updated: 03/01/10 4:01 PM
Description: I'm getting the error, Element CONFIGFILENAME is undefined in CFFP.

I'm using the default conf.ini.cfm. The cffformprotect directory is at the root level. Other than tweaks to the ini, no files have been altered.

Coldfusion 7 server.

Bug, or just user error somewhere on my part.
History: Created by mdowden (Mike) : 02/02/10 5:45 PM

Comment by mdowden (Mike) : 02/02/10 5:51 PM
After reading the documentation error bug, I see that it is actual this config error. Fix the documentation to add <cfset Cffp = CreateObject("component","cfformprotect.cffpVerify").init() /> to installation step 2 and the issue will be fixed.

Updated by yacoubean (Jake Munson) : 03/01/10 4:01 PM

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